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Providing mobile lymphedema therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lymph Therapy MB specializes in treating Primary Lymphedema, Secondary Lymphedema, as well as Lipedema. As a Registered Massage Therapist, I provide accessible and personalized lymphedema therapy directly at patients’ homes. My goal is to deliver high-quality care that addresses the needs of individuals dealing with these conditions in a convenient and comfortable setting. This may involve employing lymphatic massage techniques, compression therapy, exercises, and education to empower clients managing their condition. Ultimately, I aim to enhance my patients’ overall well-being by minimizing the impact of lymphedema on their daily lives through flexible and mobile healthcare services.

Lymph Therapy MB

Flexible and mobile lymphedema therapy.

Primary Lymphedema Mobile Therapy Winnipeg Manitoba

Primary Lymphedema

A chronic condition characterized by impaired function or development of the lymphatic system, leading to the accumulation of lymph fluid and subsequent swelling.

Secondary Lymphedema Mobile Therapy Winnipeg Manitoba

Secondary Lymphedema

A condition characterized by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid, leading to swelling in specific areas of the body, often caused by damage to the lymphatic vessels or nodes.

Mobile Lipedema Therapy Winnipeg Manitoba


A chronic condition characterized by abnormal fat accumulation, primarily in the lower limbs and sometimes in the arms. It often occurs in women and is believed to involve a genetic component.

Rebecca De-Vehr — RMT, CLT/CDT

Providing accessible and personalized lymphedema therapy.

Hi, I’m Rebecca — a Registered Massage Therapist, and practicing member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba. I graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2011 and have been practicing in both Winnipeg and surrounding areas since then. I’ve always been intrigued about the lymphatic system, and in 2019, decided to obtain my Lymphedema Certification through Klose training. During downtime caused by Covid, I took continuing education courses in breast cancer rehab and head and neck lymphedema. My passion is to bring awareness and educate individuals about lymphedema.

Rebecca De-Vehr


Common questions and helpful information.

Mobile Lymphedema Therapy Winnipeg Manitoba

My goal is to help you navigate and return to feeling at home in your body. Here on my website, you’ll find answers to common questions, and information about my services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the abnormal accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the body, leading to chronic inflammation and fibrosis of the affected tissues. Typically, the onset is gradual, and many patients may not be aware of the swelling until it becomes significant. One of the initial signs of lymphedema is often described as the affected tissue or limb becoming noticeably heavy.


How is lymphedema treated?

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a comprehensive approach that incorporates manual lymphatic therapy, compression bandaging, exercise, and skin care, along with self-care techniques. When applied together, CDT is effective in reducing lymphedema, enhancing mobility, and lowering the risk of infection. After achieving significant reduction in limb volume, the goal is to transition the patient to a compression garment to maintain the progress made.


Can lymphedema be cured?

Lymphedema cannot be cured; however, it can be managed through treatment and self-care. Lymphatic massage therapy involves a rhythmic stretching of the skin in a specific pattern designed to stimulate lymph flow and drain the affected tissue of excess water and protein. This therapy is beneficial for conditions such as lymphedema, lipedema, traumatic injuries, and can also help reduce swelling associated with surgeries.


What areas in Manitoba does Lymph Therapy MB offer mobile services to?

I am currently offering mobile services strictly to clients within Winnipeg, Manitoba city limits.

How do I book an appointment?

I provide accessible and personalized lymphedema therapy services directly at patients’ homes within Winnipeg, Manitoba city limits. You can schedule an appointment by phone or email.

Phone or Email

What do I need to do or prepare for an appointment?

Please wear loose fitting clothing for assessments and treatments.  If there are any other requirements, I will let you know prior to your appointment.


Book an initial consultation to address any questions about lymphedema or lipedema therapy.